Hot Spring “Kami no Yu”

Kami no Yu

Open-air Bath
Open-air Bath


The hotspring which has a glorious view of Yakushima's magnificent mountains, “Kami no Yu”

Kami no Yu is used plenty of Yaku-Cedar to create a tranquil time and relaxing space.
It also has an open-air bath which allows you to have a view of magnificent mountains of Yakushima.
Its natural hotsprings and the beautiful view from our Kami no Yu will relieve the weariness of the journey.

A big bath, open-air bath and sauna
Nature of Spring
A sulfur spring
General Indication
Neuralgia, muscle pain, stiff and painful shoulder,
motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruise,
sprain, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoid,
sensitivity to cold, convalescent and health promotion
Indications by nature of spring
Chronic skin disease, women's diseases, cut and diabetes