Hot Spring

The hotspring which has a glorious view of Yakushima's magnificent mountains, “Kami no Yu” Kami no Yu is used plenty of Yaku-Cedar to create a tranquil time and relaxing space. It also has an open-air bath which allows you to have a view of magnificent mountains of Yakushima. Its natural hotsprings and the beautiful view from our Kami no Yu will relieve the weariness of the journey.

15:00~23:30(Last Reception 23:00)
A big bath, open-air bath and sauna
Nature of Spring
A sulfur spring
General Indication
Neuralgia, muscle pain, stiff and painful shoulder,motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruise, sprain, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoid, sensitivity to cold, convalescent and health promotion
Indications by nature of spring
Chronic skin disease, women's diseases, cut and diabetes

Swimming Pool

Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel shop

A swimming with Jacuzzi which allows you to relax and experience a feeling of the resort. From the window, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the nature in Yakushima. The glitter green from the window is absolutely beautiful and it will be an extra essence to your stay.

Hours 10:00~22:00
(without tax)
Adult:1,000 yen, Child: 500 yen
Adult:2,000 yen, Child:1,000 yen

※Please wear swimming wear and swimming cap when you get in the pool.We rent swimming wear and swimming cap in the shop if you need them.

Fitness Gym

Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel Fitness Gym

An open gym where you can exercise with a beautiful scenery in front of you. You might be given an illusion that you are exercising in the nature.

Machines Exercise bike, walking exercise machine, abdominal muscle machine and back extension machine.
Hours 10:00~22:00
Fee 1,000 yen plus tax




Various Oldie game machines we have!
No need to be bothered by anything as the machines locates withing our hotel. Have fun with your family and friends!

Hours 10:00~22:00



We prepare two billiards tables for our guests!
In the spacious area, it would be more fun to play games!

Hours 14:00~23:00
Fee ¥2,000 plus tax per table(one hour)



We prepare two private Karaoke rooms for your fun!

Hours 14:00~24:00
Capacity Maximum 20 people
Fee ¥5,000 plus tax/hour

Mahjong Room

Mahjong Room

The quiet environment of our mah-jong room is perfect for a game in earnest!!

Hours 14:00~24:00
Fee ¥4,000 plus tax per table(2 hours)

Souvenir Shop

yakushimaiwasakihotel Souvenir Shop
yakushimaiwasakihotel Souvenir Shop
yakushimaiwasakihotel Souvenir Shop

We supply a various products from our original goods to valuable Yaku-Cedar products which are dedicate to Yakushima. We also have fashion items to be useuful for your stay.

Hours 7:00~22:00

※Express Home Delivery Service is available.

Souvenir Shop taxfree
Souvenir Shop taxfree

Banquet Hall Nymph

Host your business meeting or special events at our banquet halls with a warm and tropical atmosphere.

■Use: Party, Wedding Reception, Conference, Exhibition etc…

Scale and dimensions Seating Capacity
Size(㎡) Ceiling Height
Height× Width
Convention and Seminar Party
School Theater Buffet Formal Dinner and Wedding
A+B 382 5.0 30.9 × 15.6 300 450 350 180
214 5.0 17.1 × 15.6 160 230 200 100
168 5.0 13.8 × 15.6 120 160 100 60

※We also have some small convention halls. Please inquire us for the details.