Sun light filtering through trees

In the vast ground of Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel, there are many spots to explore such as natural waterfall and deer garden. How about taking a therapeutic walk in the forest in the clean air and the beautiful scenery which greens are sprouting. Also golf cart service is available.

Description of the garden Waterfall, ponkan orange orchard and tankan orange orchard

Land Car

Rental Hours 7:00~1 hour before sunset(Final reception)
Rental Price 2 people:30 mins 1,000 yen(Excluded tax) / 60 mins 1,500 yen(Excluded tax)
4 people:30 mins 1,500 yen(Excluded tax) / 60 mins 2,000 yen(Excluded tax)

※Rental service might not be available due to the weather condition.
※Please note that a driver's license is required.

Motorized Bicycle

Rental Price
※1 person(1 bicycle)
1,000 yen(Excluded tax) / 2 Hours
1,500 yen(Excluded tax) / 6 Hours
2,000 yen(Excluded tax) / 1 Day

※Please present your passport

Botanical Research Park

Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel Souvenir Shop
Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel Souvenir Shop
Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel Souvenir Shop
Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel Souvenir Shop

A garden which is full of nature and is located in only ten minutes driving distance.

Our Botanical Research Park is a vast ground park which allows you to enjoy various florae. The total area of the park is 100,000 square meters. Also along the pathway in the park, trees of subtropical fruits such as mango, passionfruits and pineapple, and various flowers including hibiscus, bougainvillea and herbs are planted.

Admission Fee Adult: 500 yen Child: 250 yen
Hours 8:00〜17:00(Open throughout the year)
Parking Lot 20


The Botanical Research Park is located along Prefectural Route 77 in Mugiyou Area.
By Car:
From Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel : Approx 10 min
From Yakushima Airport: Approx 25 min
From Miyanoura Port: Approx 40 min
Anbo Port: Approx 15 min


The island of World heritage, Yakushima.
Please enjoy the mysterious tours to Jomonsugi, the oldest tree and Shiratani Unsuikyo, the healing forest with beautiful moss and natural water.
Experience and feel the ancient untouched nature of Yakushima
Please make a reservation for your preferred tour at our hotel.



Shiratani Unsuikyo

The Shiratani Unsuikyo is famed for its beautiful valley with primeval forest containing a number of the island's ancient cedars. This forest is also known as the inspiration for the Studio Ghibli animated film Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime).
You can choose among 3 kinds of tours (30 minutes, 1 Hour and 2 hours)
※We can arrange "Yakushima Land tour" and "The Island Tour" besides those tours above.
Price 11,550 Yen (Excluded tax)/per person ( minimum is 2 person)



Jyomonsugi-Cedar trekking

Please experience the 8-10 hour hike to see the oldest tree, Jomonsugi, which is estimated to be 7200 years old. The trekking course is very steep after passing train tracks and automobile roads from the entrance. Appropriate preparation for trekking is necessary for this tour.
※We can arrange "Miyanouradake hiking", "Kuromidake hiking" and "Hiking as you request" tours besides this tour above.
Price 14,700 Yen (Excluded tax)/per person ( minimum is 2 person)
Optional tours can be arranged.(Advanced booking is required)

Optional tours can be arranged too. (Advanced reservation is necessary.)
We also offer packages with hotel stay and trekking/hiking tours.

Trekking & Gourmet Plan

For further information, please contact us.